old work

My first sites were all built for Pernod Ricard NZ (what was once Montana Wines). I was working there in packaging design, tech-support and pre-press for their design studio when they decided they needed a website. I'd built a 2 page site for myself in Netscape Navigator Gold by that point, so naturally I was considered the most qualified for the job.

Most of the many sites I built there they have now updated or broken, but a few like Church Road Wines are still hanging on (although the age-entry script has been broken, so you have to click on the logo to enter the site :P ). My master-work though, the behemoth that was adwnz.co.nz, is gone now - 2,500 pages of hand-maintained HTML that attracted 25% of all local traffic to wine sites.

After Pernod killed off their internal design studio, a bunch of the designers I'd worked with there went out on their own, and I got a bit more practice in by building sites for some of them. For Chris and Stephen at Creative Practice I built the Astron Plastics and Arcadia Lodge sites.

More left field is Dave Graham's anarchytm.com - a container for his ideas, musical, alphabetical and otherwise, including downloadable mp3s of The Rainy Days, Conduits of Konsumption etc. and loads more. I helped construct the framework initially, but now it's very much his thing..

To teach myself PHP I built Morris Talent (now dead). Not much on the public side, but provided a full backend admin for managing and submitting talent, accessible from the office or on the road.