Einstein, Heisenberg, and Newton among others, helped us to understand some of the fundamental properties of the universe and our place in it. Sound and light are based on the one principle of the wave/particle. Nothing happens that does not effect something and eventually everything else, mostly in ways that are completely unpredictable. Observation is an active event. Perception is an absolutely relative and unique event.

Nothing, not even music video exists in a vacuum, every part of its creation and usage, including the viewers viewing of it, has an effect on every other part, and on the rest of the world around it. Most judgements on effect can only be made on the basis of informed guesswork according to the principles of average probability.

It is not possible to accurately label the entire ancestry of the modern music video, most parts of it we can only guess at from apparent connections and relations with other events and objects. These views of life on the peripheries of modern music video, are an attempt to point to some of the possible major influences on its evolution, past and current..