Capitalism, only daughter of fast fading Imperialism, moves to America during the second world war where she is impregnated by the holy spirit of Money, who was moving among the people disguised as Hollywood. In the fifties she gave birth to terrible twins: one white and filled with the spirit of money that she named Television, the other was black (possibly the result of Hollywood’s dabbling in the backstreets of Tin Pan Alley) and it was ugly, she named it Rock’n’Roll and threw it out into the street where it belonged. Elvis smelled the Money in it and brought it back inside, but Television would have nothing to do with it. The kids loved them both but Television would only let them see Elvis from the waist up.

Rock went overseas, where he found Television’s bastard spawn multiplying and growing in strength. Most of them weren’t too sure of Rock but took him in anyway because they could smell the money too and they were missing their Grandma something awful after she went away during the war.

The stories of how Rock grew his hair and cut it off again, his trip to New Zealand, his brief beautiful affair with Woman that ended on his triumphal reunion with American Television in August of 1981; all these and more are what makes up the following section that attempts to trace the long and winding relationship between Television and Rock’n’Roll that resulted in the a long string of different Music Video offspring.